Guidance & Prayer

Are you looking for direction?

Do you feel stuck? Has a recent financial crisis left you feeling overwhelmed? Do you want someone to pray with and for you? Are you feeling lost or confused about what assistance is out there for you? Do you need to talk about what’s going on, but don’t feel like you have a trusted person to share or pray with? 

There is hope. We have staff and Interns at North Raleigh Ministries to serve as a listening ear, pray with you through challenges, and provide guidance by directing you to the appropriate services offered in the community. If you are looking for direction or prayer in a challenging time, please connect with us. 

Available in both English and Spanish.

Call 919-844-6676 x 156 or email for more information.

(SHORT STORY) Last year, Emma was feeling completely overwhelmed in life. Her daughter was diagnosed with a condition that required intensive medical treatment. As a single mom with two other children at home, Emma felt lost. She had a small support system that helped her with her physical needs, and a social worker that helped her with her financial needs. However, she was carrying a lot of emotional weight and felt like she didn’t have anyone to share that with during a time of such uncertainty. Emma called North Raleigh Ministries and was able to connect with one of our staff. Through the duration of her daughter’s treatments, our staff member was able to listen and pray with Emma on a weekly basis. Months later, her daughter was on the road to recovery. Emma felt stronger emotionally and spiritually and was hopeful for her family’s future.