Our Partners

Our roots are firmly planted in the church communities that founded NRM. Their support and faith in Christ gives us strength to serve people in crisis.


Our member churches sustain North Raleigh Ministries with their financial, in-kind and volunteer support. They receive the added benefit of referring benevolence requests to our Crisis Center.

One of the most gratifying experiences of my 17+ years as Associate Pastor at Trinity Baptist has been watching true inter-denominational church collaboration in the institution and support of North Raleigh Ministries. The 5 “charter churches” whose pastors and volunteers launched this journey of faith that “Helps Our Neighbors in Need” truly exemplified the spirit of being the Church United bound by the calling to BE the hands and feet and voice of Christ to “the least of these” our brothers and sisters.

Now others have joined in and combined resources and volunteers – and look what God is doing! Not one of us in the beginning would have ever dreamed of the magnitude of all that NRM has become. I am thankful for what has been, what IS, and what God still has in store for NRM that we even now can’t imagine. To God Be the Glory!

– Rev Hal Melton