Has a recent financial crisis left you feeling lost and discouraged?

Are you suffering from a significant life change and suddenly finding yourself in a financial crisis? Transitions is a program for individuals and families that are new to North Raleigh Ministries. The program is designed to instill a sense of hope while in an initial crisis and to paint a picture of what you want your life to look like. We are here to walk alongside you as you make that picture a reality.

– 6-8 weeks of weekly one-on-one meetings with a case manager. You will have the opportunity to assess areas in your life that you want to change, and set solution-focused goals to make those changes a reality.
– Weekly groceries while enrolled in the program to focus on goals and save funds for other critical expenses.

Available in both English and Spanish.
For more information, please call 919-844-6676 x 156 or email

→ (SHORT STORY) When the pandemic hit, Tom lost his job and struggled to find a replacement with the same income as his previous job. Tom didn’t have enough money to pay his bills at the end of the month. He found himself feeling stressed, lost, and hopeless. He worried that he would lose his housing and be unable to pay for his medications. Tom decided to visit North Raleigh Ministries for food assistance and was introduced to the Transitions Program. He met weekly with a case manager and established clear goals for himself. He was also assisted with weekly groceries while he was working toward his goals. He felt motivated to work towards his future and discovered that there were other areas in his life that he could improve as well. After six weeks, Tom was able to get back on track after finding a new job. He shared that he was grateful for the help and support as he worked towards finding stability.